Vanda Care



 Vandas enjoy the high light and shade houses with slat roofs usually will suffice.


Vandas are mostly from southeast Asia and can tolerate high temperatures and humidity, just make sure they are properly watered if there are long periods of no rain.

Water and Fertilizer

 Vandas are usually in hanging baskets with exposed roots and no media. If you do not have a sprinkler system, allowing the roots to soak in a 5-gallon bucket for 10-15 minutes will be enough. When fertilizing simply add 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water of 20-20-20. This should be done daily for smaller and medium-size plants. Larger plants can go every other day or possibly longer depending on the humidity of the area you live in.


Often vanda roots will engulf the starter basket they are in, if it too hard to remove the hanging basket, just try transferring to a larger basket, either made of plastic, cedar or teak to last as long as possible.